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Charleston Gazette

Pioneers in Skirts producers engage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They speak at to women’s groups and at events, write articles for their personal LinkedIn followers, are interviewed by the press, appear on radio and podcasts, and write a blog for the film!

Awareness and engagement is key for us to meet the mission of this film – and welcome YOU to contact us if you’d like us to share what we’ve learned as we make this much-needed film.

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Our FIRST Facebook Live broadcast!

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Matching fund created by VC Brad Feld!

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Raising funds to complete the film

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Our Movie Theme Song is Ready!!

Listen to a sampling:

Freeway is available for 99¢!

Visit The Controll Freex website to learn more about how you can support these talented teen girls as they work complete and launch their first album.

Shining a spotlight on the film in 2016!

  • More news coming soon!

Shining a spotlight on the film in 2015! 

Shining a spotlight on the film in 2015-2014!