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Pioneers in Skirts logoAre you writing an article or producing a television piece about women and their careers, the unique obstacles that women face in their careers, or what girls need to be doing today in order to carve a successful career path for their future?  We have the content you need.

If you would like to interview our Director, Ashley Maria, contact us and we’ll be happy to work out a time that works best for you.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT:  Pioneers in Skirts is the documentary film advancing the conversation about resolving the unexpected obstacles women confront while pioneering in their careers, and eliminating these obstacles for the next generation of girls right behind them.  –Our Story–

SYNOPSIS: Pioneers in Skirts is a social impact documentary that tells the stories of how women with pioneering ambitions identify, confront and resolve unexpected bias in the workplace. Our main character, filmmaker Ashley Maria, takes us on a 4-year nationwide journey to reveal the biases and obstacles women face in their careers, what realistically can be done about it, and how to change the outcome for the next generation. In a world where girls grow up believing, “if you dream it, you can be it,” as an adult, Ashley felt held back – her dreams slipping away. Determined to find a fix, she uncovers an empowering fact: she isn’t broken. Bringing in the experiences of other millennials like her, Ashley asks experts and achieving women how we all can take control of our careers in a backwards system. Watching Ashley apply the lessons she’s learned, we are brought back to how it all starts, and learn how women and men can instigate change for the next generation of pioneering women.

CREW BIOGRAPHIES:   –Meet the Team–

TIMELINE: Pioneers in Skirts is currently in post-production.

DISTRIBUTION: Our aim is to secure broadcasting distribution for shared home video/streaming and other distribution options, including international.

We are also working to secure an educational distributor who can get our film seen in educational institutions. We’d really like to hold university screenings that will end with panel discussions in front of a live audience. Since we have structured our storytelling to benefit those who know there is an issue and want to learn more about what to do about it, we feel our film is a wonderful jumping off point for fruitful dialogue and learning.

Resources designed for our friends in the media:

Images and video clips can be freely reproduced when credited to “Pioneers in Skirts™ / Ashley Maria.”

VIDEO – Video created for and relating to the movie can be found on our Vimeo channel. We’ve organized the video clips into 4 buckets: Career Advice, General, Meet The People in the Film, and Update Videos.

IMAGES – Below is a sampling of images created for and relating to the movie. Please contact us if you need a specific image that is not shown.

Interviewees Striking a Rosie Pose

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Ashley Maria

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Ashley Maria on set; directing Norman Lear and Joan Darling.

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Producers Lea-Ann Berst and Ashley Maria

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Ashley Maria Directing
Robotics Competition

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