I thought gender bias & sexism in the United States was mostly over…

I won’t pretend that Pioneers in Skirts will convince everyone that the problem of sexism and inequality between men and women still exists; but it does, and can help. It can tell the 20/30-something who feels stuck in her company that she isn’t alone. It can encourage parents to keep showing their little girl that [...]

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7 tips for headache-free indie filmmaking

Director Ashley Maria has several indie films under her belt, ranging from comedic, horror to immersive films. Ashley has spent the last 10 years discovering and putting into practice some pretty efficient tips and tricks for navigating the world of indie filmmaking. Fresh off of filming pick-ups for a post-production effort, Ashley sat down with me to [...]

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A Tarheel born and bred

For This Hollywood Director… North Carolina’s Film Industry Is A Call Home Director Ashley Maria is a Tarheel born and bred, but professors and friends both told her the only way to “make it” in film was to be in Hollywood. Determined to succeed, she went west in 2009. Despite her driver’s license reading “California,” Ashley’s blue blood never wavered. When her most recent project, Pioneers in Skirts brought her back to North Carolina for an interview with the UNC women’s basketball head coach Sylvia Hatchell in 2013, she saw an opportunity to weave together her two homes. […]

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