Back in 2012, we began investigating why a woman’s ambition plummets soon after she begins her career.

Our audience: women who are experiencing setbacks as they are pioneering their career paths, the allies who support them, and the next generation of girls who want to grow up being anything they want.

The reason? Women face more complications and difficulties in their careers vs men. 

So, the producers decided to make a documentary to help millennial women realize they aren’t immune to what their mothers endured and empower them to “pioneer”.

A Pioneer is a woman who owns her career success by challenging the bias she encounters along her career path and paves the way for the next generation to truly be whatever they want to be. A Pioneer is an employer or elected official who challenges outdated policy and law, and men dedicated to being advocates for women in the workplace.

Why “Skirts”?

Well, that was inspired by a 1950’s photo Ashley saw when she toured the Business and Professional Women’s Club of North Carolina state headquarters.

groundbreaking BPWNC

She was struck by the fact that these women didn’t let the assumptions of the day (dresses and skirts, hats and gloves) to prevent them from grabbing a shovel and breaking ground.

These Pioneers fought and won many battles for the next generation.

Pioneers in Skirts wants to honor them, and recognize that without them women today wouldn’t have the opportunities they have.

I'm A Pioneer

The Millennial Wave

Today there is a new Pioneer in skirts: the millennial. Confronted by the fact she is not immune to bias, she has taken up yesterday’s baton. She’s learning the history of those who paved her way, she’s finding and working with allies, and developing new methods and collaborative approaches to confront the bias she encounters.

Pioneers in Skirts is the catalyst for the millennial wave. It will empower every Pioneer to grab their own shovel and continue to break ground.