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Pioneers in Skirts is about solutions for women who are experiencing setbacks as they are pioneering their career paths, for the allies who support them, and for the next generation of girls who want to grow up being anything they want.

Future Friday Honoree: Meet Erin Robinson!

Backers are invited to pledge their financial support and check out our Kickstarter rewards ranging from items such as personal phone calls with industry leaders or the director herself, to behind-the-scenes experiences on set or during the post-production phase!

Lucy Sanders of NCWIT

Set to be released in 2016

Pioneers in Skirts is a social impact film that takes an honest look at the solutions for the setbacks women still face in their careers – for women now, and for the next generation!

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The making of Pioneers in Skirts depends on individuals, foundations and businesses to support the film.

Supporters get their name in the credits of the film, and depending on the level of support, some get their own title page!

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