Premiering early 2017!

At the age of 27, Ashley Maria did what many other up-and-coming millennial women do: she started to burn out. This is a phenomena that has experts guessing as to why, and what to do about it.

Pioneers in Skirts™ is a documentary following what happens when career ambitions plummet soon after a woman graduates from college. The film explores the “why” and finds “solutions” we all can implement.

We are shining a light on cultural biases and our own individual challenges to help today’s career woman and the next become her own pioneer.

Are you a pioneer?

Making a film is not cheap, but it’s the best way to make a BIG IMPACT!

Pioneers in Skirts is in post-production, which includes editing, color correction, pick-ups, sound design, music composition, licensing of archival footage, closed captioning and packaging for delivery — and we need your help to finish the filmCLICK HERE for your options for helping us finish the film.

Our Progress Raising Film-Finishing Funds

Excited to see the film? In order to keep our projected early 2017 premiere date, we need your help to raise a total of $83,500 in film-finishing funds. Every dollar really does help.

Movie Theme Song

We’re so excited about the Pioneers in Skirts theme song! You can listen to a sample of the song here:

Freeway is available for purchase!

For only 99¢ per download, you can help the band raise the funds they need to record their first album! Download it to your phone/digital device and crank it as you sing along!! Click here for purchasing options.

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