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Pioneers in Skirts™: a documentary investigating the cultural and personal bias women wrestle with in their careers.

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At the age of 27, director Ashley Maria experienced a phenomenon common to up-and-coming millennial women: plummeting ambition and crippling self-doubt. Unwilling to accept this reality, Ashley began to question experts as to why and search for the answers to change it.

Filming since 2012, Pioneers in Skirts explores the phenomenon of why many women in the U.S. experience career burnout shortly after graduating from college. The film takes the viewer on a journey across the United States to meet successful women who found ways to overcome their obstacles, working millennial women, teenage girls, experts on the topic, and men committed to advocating for change.

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video snapshots from the film

taking on one of the biggest issues of our time

the kids of our 2015 Kickstarter video

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Pioneers in Skirts is in post-production, which includes editing, color correction, pick-ups, sound design, music composition, licensing of archival footage, closed captioning and packaging for delivery. CLICK HERE for your options for helping us finish the film.

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