Pioneers in Skirts

Exposing the many unexpected obstacles and barriers women face as they journey along their career paths.

Empowering women to take control and finally reach the top in their industry.

Showing parents and mentors how to combat unconscious biases early on during a girl’s adolescence.

Today’s girls grow up with a dream: “I can be anything I want to be if I just work hard enough.” As adults, today’s young women are experiencing a workplace–reality filled with cultural and systemic challenges.

After facing this reality in her own industry, director Ashley Maria set out on a 4-year journey to hear the stories of other millennial women, find solutions from workplace experts, and share how pioneering women and men can confront the biases they see.

advancing the mission of inclusion and diversity

MOVIE UPDATE: We are in post-production; editing our 4-year journey of finding out how to help today’s ambitious women prepare for, and resolve, the tidal wave that will soon hit them.

CORPORATE GIVING: We’re looking for businesses on a mission to create a gender-balanced workplace. Click here for more!

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1410, 2017

I thought gender bias & sexism in the United States was mostly over…

October 14th, 2017|POV|

I won’t pretend that Pioneers in Skirts will convince everyone that the problem of sexism and inequality between men and women still exists; but it does, and can help. It can tell the 20/30-something who feels stuck in her company that she isn’t alone. It can encourage parents to keep showing their little girl that [...]