Pioneers in Skirts™

− the documentary film advancing the conversation about women pioneering in their careers. The film follows our director, award-winning filmmaker Ashley Maria, after she discovered she lost her pioneering attitude in her career. With a camera in hand, Ashley learns she isn’t the only twenty-something that feels that way, and seeks to find out Why?

Pioneers in Skirts met it’s goal during a recent Kickstarter! Watch the video we used during our month-long campaign.

Future Friday Honoree: Meet Jill Zivley!

Pioneers in Skirts is about solutions for women who are experiencing setbacks as they are pioneering their career paths, for the allies who support them, and for the next generation of girls who want to grow up being anything they want.

Lucy Sanders of NCWIT

Set to be released in 2016

“With all that is being written and said about the challenges that women have in their careers, and with the abundance of studies and popular movements,” shares director Ashley Maria. “It’s not only surprising that people aren’t as aware as they should be, it’s shocking there hasn’t been a resolution to the problem.”

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Finishing the film

The successful Kickstarter allows us to finish production and transition into post-production. In order to complete the film in time for the spring college graduation class, Pioneers in Skirts will depend on individuals, foundations and businesses to help with funding.

Supporters who provide funding and in-kind donations to Pioneers in Skirts will get their name in the credits of the film, and depending on the level of support, may get their own title page!


Make a tax-deductible donation or learn more about other options for supporting Pioneers in Skirts.

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Pioneers in Skirts is a feature documentary film about women pioneering their career paths, and the allies who support them. […]

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