Pioneers in Skirts™

a film about women who want great things for their careers — and the obstacles that get in their way.

Told through Ashley Maria’s perspective as a filmmaker who lives and works in Hollywood, we learn how to battle the fact that careers are much more complicated and difficult when a woman tries to have one.

Filmmaker Ashley Maria explores why she and so many women continue to be challenged to reach their career potential. Through interviews with topic experts, young women just starting their careers, and industry mentors, the film confronts the obstacles in a woman’s path and shows the audience how to create a culture of support and equal opportunity.

Lucy Sanders of NCWIT

Set to be released in 2016

Can’t wait for the movie to be released? We’re sharing sneak peaks in the Bonus Video area.

Director’s Statement

Woman on the Street Interviews


Finishing the film

Pioneers in Skirts depends on individuals, foundations and businesses to help with funding.

Supporters who provide funding and in-kind donations are not only our heroes,  they get their name in the credits of the film, and depending on the level of support, they may get their own title page!


Make your tax-deductible donation or learn more about other options for supporting Pioneers in Skirts.

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