At the age of 27, director Ashley Maria experienced something that is common to many up-and-coming professional women: plummeting ambition and crippling self-doubt.

Believing she’s responsible for her own future, Ashley decided to find out why this happened in the first place — and search for the answers on how to fix…well, on how Ashley can fix Ashley.

Ashley quickly learns she isn’t broken – she never was.

Pioneers in Skirts explores the unfortunate phenomenon of career burnout women are newly experiencing early in their careers. The film takes the viewer on a journey across the United States to meet successful women who found ways to overcome their obstacles, working millennial women, teenage girls, experts on the topic, and men committed to advocating for change.

Coming in 2017!

Pioneers in Skirts™: a documentary investigating the cultural and personal bias women wrestle with in their careers.

video snapshots from the film

taking on one of the biggest issues of our time

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